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Revised & Expanded Edition Now Available

The revised and expanded edition of Conversational Evangelism: Connecting with People to Share Jesus by David Geisler and Norman Geisler is now available.

CoverWitnessing used to involve laying out the truth and guiding a person to understand and accept it. But the awareness of basic Christian principles has changed and so have the needs of pre-believers. With a passion for people, authors David and Norman Geisler share an engaging, conversational approach to evangelism as they address:

  • What makes old models of witnessing ineffective in today’s culture?
  • Why must evangelism start with relational pre-evangelism?
  • How can I ask questions, listen attentively, and understand what someone believes?
  • Ways to identify the real barriers to belief in order to build a bridge to truth.
  • How to keep dialogue going with different personality types.

This refreshing, practical resource is ideal for churches and individuals. Readers will discover how God uses their everyday encounters for great things when they switch from trying to witness effectively to effectively being a witness through communication and compassion.


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“I enthusiastically recommend their pre-evangelism methodology.”
~ Ravi Zacharias

“I believe that every church would benefit by integrating the concepts of Conversational Pre-Evangelism into their existing evangelistic programs and strategies!”
josh mcdowell
~ Josh McDowell

I would recommend his book to anyone wanting to clearly understand the nature of personal evangelism. I particularly enjoyed the section in his book on how to ask the right questions, listening to a person’s worldview and then providing answers that connect them with the truth of Scripture.”
~ Skip Heitzig

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